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If you're stuffing a late model powerplant into your classic project and need to find a way to get accessories mounted to the front of your LS, LT, Small Block Chevy, Big Block Chevy or Gen III Hemi, we have the solutions to get your engine swap finished!

Accessory Drives - GM

Accessory Drives - Ford

Accessory Drives - HEMI


Ford Godzilla Swaps Made Easy - 04/12/2024

Ford Godzilla Swaps Made Easy -

The big news in Blue-Oval land has been the tidal wave made by the arrival of Ford’s “Godzilla” V8 for 2020. This 7.3L, 445ci pushrod motor is a major step away from Ford’s overhead-cam modular approach to engines. It delivers a massive 475 lb-ft of torque in stock condition ... - Read More

How To Swap An LS Engine Into Your 1967-1972 GM C10 Truck With A Holley Swap Kit - 02/15/2021

LS swaps are nothing new, but there’s a difference between reading about them in forums compared to finishing one right the first time. One thing to consider before starting any LS swap is to map out the parts you’re going to need to complete the installation. - Read More

How To Swap An LT-Based Engine Into Any Car - 12/08/2020

Although the LT platform’s modern technology necessitates an extra step or two in the swap process to get it to play nice with vehicles that were never designed for Gen V motivation, Holley has gone to great lengths to make these swaps as hassle-free as possible. - Read More

Terminator X 4500 Stealth Helps This 10,400 RPM capable Dual-Quad EFI Small Block Make 1,081hp At EFI University - 03/08/2021

At EFI University, making big horsepower is a byproduct of the real task at hand: researching and developing engines to learn what works and what doesn't when the engine is used in a competitive environment. - Read More

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Holley's High-Mount Accessory Drive for Ford's Godzilla Engines Provides A Hassle-Free Engine Swap

Holley Complete Accessory Kits For Ford’s 7.3L Godzilla V8 Are Simple And Straightforward

Small and Big Block Chevy Mid-Mount Accessory Drive                                                                  

GM LS High-Mount Accessory Drive System                                              

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Holley Premium LS/LT Mid-Mount Accessory Systems                                                                                        

Holley Low Mount Accessory Drive Kits                                                                                                   

How to Swap an LS Engine into a 1969 Chevelle Part 1: Chassis, Oil Pan and Engine Mounts

Swap a Gen V LT Engine into Your Car with Holley Terminator X EFI       

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LS Swapped 1964 Dodge D100/D300 Pickup                                                                                                                    

Turbo LS powered Volvo 240 at LS Fest East 2019!                                                                          

How to Install Holley’s New Gen III Hemi Mid-Mount Accessory Drive Kit                                       

Swapping a Gen III Hemi into Your Mopar Muscle Car is Easy with Holley Bolt-on Swap Parts

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