Dominator EFI

Holley Dominator EFI

Dominator® EFI Vehicle Management Systems are intended for all engine applications, from street to unlimited high-end racing applications. In addition to the transmission control, drive by wire, and dual wideband oxygen sensor options, Dominator® systems have nearly unlimited capabilities to control any power adder, input, or output you can throw at them. Need to run a turbocharged, methanol engine V8? No problem with Dominator® EFI. How about control a TH400 with converter dumps and a lock-up converter? No problem. There are also enough inputs and outputs to allow the Dominator® VMSs to serve as their own data acquisition and control module. The Dominator® VMS will eliminate the need for additional controllers as they are all contained in this one unit. The only thing limiting the Dominator® Vehicle Management System is your imagination!


  • EFI with virtually unlimited capabilities!
  • Easy to use intuitive software!
  • Controls, fuel, spark, electronic transmissions, drive by wire TBs, nitrous, boost, water meth and more!
  • Extensive datalogging capabilities!
  • Massive amount of programmable inputs and outputs!

Holley's EFI Dominator for Drag Racing

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