Dashpaq Plus

Legacy Meets Innovation

Superchips is proud to announce the all-new Dashpaq+ tuner for gas and diesel applications. Ready to take the multi-gauge tuning market by storm, the Dashpaq+ just got even better with an all new screen and case enclosure with faster internals to boot! The all-new performance programmer and 5″ capacitive-touch display offers edge-to-edge swipe technology that includes extensive gas truck, car, and SUV coverage. The upgraded processor offers quick read/write speeds and super quick and responsive refresh rates. Several innovative features like Wi-Fi, multiple vehicle license options, read and clear codes, and more make this the your best choice for versatile tuning performance. Pre-loaded tunes, engineered with performance, reliability, and quality at the forefront, will come standard with each unit.

Why Dashpaq+?

Superchips is no stranger to the automotive performance aftermarket. Celebrating almost 40 years in business, Superchips has established a reputation as a trusted and respected brand, known for high quality and doing everything right by the customer. The Dashpaq+ delivers a dynamic blend of innovation paired with safety, simplicity, and assurance. With 100s of gas vehicles covered, consumers can count on impressive power gains, improved MPG potential, and superior drivability. Superchips entrance into the on-dash, touchscreen market for gas cars, trucks, and SUVs is accompanied with exclusive new features including Wi-Fi updates, and an industry-exclusive, 2-year powertrain warranty.

All-In-One Tuning and Monitoring Device

The all-new Dashpaq+ for Diesel is our very first touch screen monitoring device for diesel applications. Building off the success of our Flashpaq and Dashpaq devices, the new 5” full-color screen offers edge-to-edge swipe technology with a clean and sharp display unrivaled by anything on the market today. With built-in Wi-Fi, internet updates are easily accomplished without removing the device from the truck. Our intuitive screen layouts make it easy to display the data you need to see from the driver’s seat. Like all other Superchips products, Dashpaq+ for Diesel offers safe, clean, and usable power curves.

Power and Torque Gains You Can Actually Use

With all our years of experience tuning these trucks, we know you depend on your Ford, Ram, and GM Diesel to get the job done, day in and day out. You need power you can use, with the fuel mileage improvements to keep down on your fuel stops. Dasphaq+ for Diesel comes pre-loaded with our tried and true Mileage XS, Tow Safe, Performance-Tow, and Performance tunes to offer you exactly the power and driving experience you need for every occasion.

Ford Power Stroke gains of up to 120hp / 220ft-lbs torque
GM Duramax gains of up to 135hp / 240ft-lbs torque
Ram Cummins gains of up to 175hp / 470ft-lbs torque

Safe Usable Power with Dashpaq+ for Diesel

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