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The Hurst Pistol-Grip Quarter Stick Shifter is designed for a firm, comfortable, natural grip, providing a positive feel when shifting. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a shifter that had the same great features of the Quarter Stick but with an ergonomic handle? Then integrate a precision snap-action momentary switch ideal for operating a Hurst Line/Loc, nitrous system, or transmission brake. That’s how the Pistol-Grip Quarter Stick was born!

Våra produkter

Pistol-Grip Automatic Gated Shifters

Powerglide (Alum. case only) Fwd & Rev Aluminium 3162001
Powerglide (Alum. case only) Fwd & Rev Black Anodized 3162002
TH 250, 350, 375 & 400 Forward Aluminium 3162006
TH 250, 350, 375 & 400 Forward Black Anodized 3162007
TH 250, 350, 375 & 400 Reverse Aluminium 3162001
TH 250, 350, 375 & 400 Reverse Black Anodized 3162002
Chrysler/AMC TF727, A904 Forward Aluminium 3162009
Ford C-4, C-6 Forward Aluminium 3162009
Chrysler/AMC TF727, A904 Forward Black Anodized 3162010
Ford C-4, C-6 Forward Black Anodized 3162010
Chrysler/AMC TF727, A904 Reverse Aluminium 3162014
Ford C-4, C-6 Reverse Aluminium 3162014
Chrysler/AMC TF727, A904 Reverse Black Anodized 3162015
Ford C-4, C-6 Reverse Black Anodized 3162015

How to Shift a Hurst Quarter Stick Shifter

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