Sniper EFI Masterkit - In-Tank

Sniper EFI Master Kits, combines the Sniper EFI Self Learning Throttle Body with an easy-to-install, In-Tank, Retrofit  Fuel Module, Earl's Vapor Guard Fuel Hose, and the required fittings needed for the installation. The included fuel system places a 340LPH fuel pump in the tank, which can easily be accomplished with basic hand tools.

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Carb to EFI Conversions Are Easier than Ever with Sniper Quadrajet Drop-in Fuel Pump Master Kits


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Tech Spotlight: How Sniper 2 Is Taking Plug-And-Play EFI To The Next Level - 07/18/2023

Tech Spotlight: How Sniper 2 Is Taking Plug-And-Play EFI To The Next Level -

When Holley Performance introduced the original Sniper EFI system back in 2015, it kicked off a revolution in fuel injection conversions. The goal was simple: Make EFI simple and affordable for folks who’re looking to make the jump without completely reinventing their vehicle’s setup.

“The new system benefits from everything we’ve learned with Sniper 1 as well as the feedback that customers have provided to us,” /.../ “The throttle body, linkage, and key elements of the circuitry have been redesigned from the ground up for Sniper 2, and it offers a host of new features and capabilities. The development of the new system also provided us with the opportunity to streamline the system component selection process to ensure that customers get something that meets the specific needs of their project – whether that’s a basic EFI conversion, or something more comprehensive.” - Read More

How To Replace a GM Quadrajet Carb With EFI - 10/21/2022

How To Replace a GM Quadrajet Carb With EFI -

The brilliance of the original Quadrajet design is duplicated with the Sniper EFI Quadrajet. The small primaries produce higher velocity air flow and quick throttle response while cracking open the secondaries will dump all the fuel needed for the engine to reach its max potential. It is a direct bolt on for any Quadrajet manifold. - Read More

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Holley Sniper 2 EFI: The #1 Selling EFI Conversion Just Got Better

Holley Sniper 2 EFI: Your Complete Installation Guide To Sniper 2

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Holley Sniper EFI Quadrajet

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Holley 2 Barrel Sniper EFI 2300

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