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Wet nitrous systems are the most popular option since they provide the extra fuel to support the added nitous, and don't require any modifications to the fuel injection system (no custom programming of the computer to add fuel when the nitrous is activated). Dry nitrous systems are generally used in racing applications in combination w/ the HP or Dominator ECU w/ custom calibration to add the extra fuel using the fuel injectors (in an EFI application).

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  • We offer plate systems and single nozzle Fogger wet (nitrous & fuel) systems for most GM, Ford, Dodge, and Chrysler engines
  • Choose from NOS or Sniper application specific systems that best fit your power adder needs
  • All NOS and Sniper nitrous systems provide exceptionally smooth power delivery
  • Systems and Kits available for drive-by-wire and cable driven throttle body applications
  • Wet kits for a variety of engines including GM LS/LT, Gen 3 Hemi, and Coyote
  • NOS dry nitrous systems are compatible with Holley EFI

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