Introducing the Terminator X Software from Holley EFI. Allowing you full tuning access to the Terminator X and Terminator X MAX ECU. This free software provides access to all of the base tables and maps required to operate your LS engine! Including but not limited to, Fuel Tables, Timing Tables, Idle Control, DBW Control, Boost and Nitrous Control, and much more. Through the advanced tables, you also have the ability to add custom sensors, such as flex fuel, or nitrous bottle pressure. Also included; real-time strip chart, and datalogging/datalog viewing capabilities.

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Terminator X Software - Terminator X And X Max ECUS

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Terminator X EFI for LS Engines

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How to Update Your Terminator X EFI Firmware

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How To Email Datalogs and Global Files for Holley EFI and Terminator X

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