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Edge’s Insight is the #1 preferred digital gauge monitor on the market today, used by daily drivers and enthusiasts alike. It is the most comprehensive multi-gauge touch-screen display on the market. Observe and understand your vehicle’s parameters using state-of-the-art technology. This digital gauge monitor works well with custom tuning products or as a standalone monitor for total insight on how your vehicle is performing.

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Monitoring Like You Didn't Think Possible

The Insight is the #1 preferred digital gauge monitor in the market today, used by daily drivers and enthusiasts everywhere. The Insight is the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art, multi-gauge touch-screen display on the market. It is an instantaneous and inexpensive alternative to bulky, analog gauges that would otherwise cost hundreds of dollars and take hours to install. This is the perfect tool for those who want to monitor their vehicle's performance and prefer not to program their vehicle, or for those who already have significant performance upgrades and want to safely monitor their vehicle's performance. Not only can the Insight monitor vehicle performance, but it can also be intelligently configured to provide audible and visual alerts to help you protect your vehicle.


  • Simple installation, just plug into OBD-II port. No wiring required
  • Compatible with most domestic gas and diesel vehicles, 1996 and newer
  • Monitor key vehicle parameters like EGT's, regen cylces, boost, fluid temperatures, RPM,
    rail pressure, and dozens more
  • Full color, 5" capacitive touch scree with auto dimming
  • Offers crystal clear data at your fingertips
  • Customizable gauges, backgrounds, colors, layouts and PID's
  • Extremely fast processor for quicker boot-up times and touch response
  • Swipe technology for easy navigation
  • Read and Clear DTC's
  • Built in WiFi for easy internet updates
  • Performance meter offers real time 0-60 and 1/4-mile testing
  • Avalaible EAS system allows addition of external gauge display for even more control

Jam Packed with the Features You Need

Introducing the Perfect Insight - Insight CTS3 by Edge Products

New Faster Insight CTS3 with New Features and Functions!

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