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AEM - Digitala EFI-mätare och tillbehör -

  • AEM Electronics' Digital Performance Gauges deliver fast, accurate readings
  • A must for performance vehicle owners who want precise data monitoring
  • Easy to install practically anywhere
  • Programmable warnings with peak/recall values
  • Monitor Data like boost pressure, oil pressure, fuel pressure, transmission temperature, oil temperature, coolant/water temperature, and more
  • Available in a classic design and ultra-slim X-Series
  • OBDII CAN gauge displays multiple engine channels by connecting to a vehicle’s OBDII port


All About Widebands! - 05/19/2022

All About Widebands! -

Sometimes it’s just good to get back to basics and share knowledge verbally and through instruction, and in doing so promote the growth of our industry, hobby, and passion. That’s why this article is worth the read whether you know all about widebands or not.

If you are new, we cover the basics, and if you are seasoned, consider this a refresher on how to explain a wideband to your friend who is new to performance or your customer if you are a shop. You may even pick up a couple of new nuggets of info along the way! - Read More

Wideband Vs Narrowband Air Fuel Gauges: What's Different? - 05/16/2022

Wideband Vs Narrowband Air Fuel Gauges: What's Different? -

An important aspect of automobile modification is using your car's information to see where you need to make improvements. If you want to get data on your engine's air to fuel ratio, you should look for an air-fuel gauge. But when it comes to wideband vs. narrowband air fuel gauges, you may wonder what’s different. Today we’ll help you decide which option is best for you. - Read More

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