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Engine Swap Components for LS, Gen V LT, Coyote & Gen III Hemi installations. Components including exhaust headers, engine and transmission mounts; fuel tanks, radiators, oil pans, and accessory drives.


This 1,000HP Compound-Turbo, Gen III Hemi Swapped Grand Cherokee Is Absolutely Insane

“My first project car was a ’76 Jeep Wagoneer,” recalls Greg Huizenga, a mechanical engineer from Middleville, Michigan. “We did a full restoration on it, pretty much back to stock. But then I decided I wanted clean it up a bit under the hood, and then I thought I should pull the engine out to make it easier. Then I figured I might as well rebuild the engine, and then I figured I might as well build a bigger engine. Then it kind of snowballed from there.” - Read More

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Holley LS Retro-fit Engine Oil Pans

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Turbo LS powered Volvo 240 at LS Fest East 2019!

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