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If you're stuffing a late model powerplant into your classic project and need to find a way to get accessories mounted to the front of your LS, LT, Small Block Chevy, Big Block Chevy or Gen III Hemi, we have the solutions to get your engine swap finished!


This 1,000HP Compound-Turbo, Gen III Hemi Swapped Grand Cherokee Is Absolutely Insane - 10/14/2020

“My first project car was a ’76 Jeep Wagoneer,” recalls Greg Huizenga, a mechanical engineer from Middleville, Michigan. “We did a full restoration on it, pretty much back to stock. But then I decided I wanted clean it up a bit under the hood, and then I thought I should pull the engine out to make it easier. Then I figured I might as well rebuild the engine, and then I figured I might as well build a bigger engine. Then it kind of snowballed from there.” - Read More

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Holley LS Retro-fit Engine Oil Pans

How to Swap an LS Engine into a 1969 Chevelle Part 1: Chassis, Oil Pan and Engine Mounts

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LS Swapped 1964 Dodge D100/D300 Pickup 

Swap a Gen V LT Engine into Your Car with Holley Terminator X EFI 

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Turbo LS powered Volvo 240 at LS Fest East 2019!

LS Fest 2022: All Aboard The Twin-Turbocharged Twinnebago!

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