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For more than 40 years, ACCEL has been a leader in performance fuel and ignition systems, proving itself on the racetracks and drag strips of the world – and on the street. With an ever-expanding line of SuperCoils and all the spark plug wires, tune-up kits, and fuel injectors hot rodders have trusted and relied on for years, ACCEL is constantly developing innovative new products designed to push power, speed, and performance to match advancements in automotive technology. Now part of Holley Performance, ACCEL offers a comprehensive selection of performance products, including coils, digital fuel injection systems, fuel injectors, distributors, caps, rotors, ignition wires, spark plugs.


The Coil - 10/20/2011

If there is a single part of the ignition that can hold some mystery to its operation, it is the coil. In a stock ignition system, 12 – 14 volts are delivered to the coil via the positive and negative terminals. Within the wink of an eye, it sends and output of 15,000 volts or higher! But there is no slight-of-hand taking place here – it’s all a carefully crafted lesson in electronics. - Read More

How To Choose The Correct Fuel Injector For Your Engine. - 04/15/2021

When it comes to engine performance, the buck ultimately stops at fueling. After all, if you don’t have enough juice to go with that cool air and hot spark, you’re ultimately selling yourself short. Worse still, a fuel system that can’t keep up with the rest of your setup can ultimately lead to engine damage. And that’s why it’s important to make sure the fuel injectors you’re using are up to the task. - Read More

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Upgrade your Import’s Coil-On Plug Ignition System with Accel Super Coils

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Accel Late Model Ford Super Coils

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