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Most popularly known as the go-to shifter for classic 4-speed models, the Competition/Plus lineup has expanded to cover modern Mustangs as well. Just like the classic versions, these modern Competition/Plus shifters are vehicle specific, requiring no modification for installation. Through careful engineering and high quality components, these shifters can reduce a Mustang's shift throw by over 30%, allowing for faster and more precise gear changes.

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Competition/Plus – The benchmark of transmission control since 1965. Such a solid design from its inception, the Competition/Plus shifter you can buy today is built from the same drawings, tooling design, and material specifications as it was over 50 years ago. With a wide array of custom applications, these shifters will bolt into OEM consoles with no modifications required.

Designed for short, precise throws between gears, the Competition/Plus provides unparalleled shift quality and feel. Every Competition/Plus shifter can be paired with Hurst’s heat-treated linkage rods and arms (Linkage Kit) for trackworthy durability. Adjustable shift stops help prevent overshifts and possible transmission damage.

Features such as the chrome-plated stick and classic white Hurst shift knob assure the fit and finish are up to the standards of any car in which this shifter might be installed.

4-Speed Manual Shifters

  1. Classic white shift knob - Instantly Recognizable Iconic Style
  2. High strenght chrome plated steel - Forged, Not a Casting
  3. Stamped hurst logo
  4. 2 bolt connection system - Accepts any Hurst Shifter Stick
  5. High ratio pivot mechanism
  6. Adjustable stops - For Hard Shifts
  7. Adjustable bias spring loads

Ford Mustang

  1. Classic white shift knob
  2. Flat-blade bolt-on stick - Chrome-Plated Steel
  3. Pupp-up chrome-plated trigger rod
  4. Reverse lock-out collar - Prevents the Chance of Accidentally Going into Reverse
  5. Lower stick - 4140 Alloy with Black E-Coat
  6. Igus bearings - Prevents Wear Between Moving Parts, Lubrication Free

This Hurst Competition/Plus shifter utilizes a multilink-type mechanism that allows 38% throw reduction while maintaining factory geometry, alignment, and side-to-side resolution. Positioned in-line with the classic Hurst chrome plated flat blade stick is a chrome plated trigger rod. This trigger rod not only functions as part of the reverse lockout feature, but truly adds style points to the interior.

Hurst Competition/Plus Shifter: Hurst Pit Pack Install & Linkage Adjustment