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  • Accurate to within plus or minus 1/10th of a degree at 10,000 rpm
  • 9 times the resolution of stock trigger wheels
  • Unique two-piece mounting bracket is designed specifically for nonmagnetic pickups
  • Universal design is compatible with countless street and race applications
  • Comes complete with a wiring harness and all the necessary hardware

Flying Magnet Crank Trigger System

The Flying Magnet Crank Trigger System is the most accurate way possible to trigger the ignition!


  • Stabilizes ignition timing
  • Flying magnet design prevents false triggers
  • Can trigger all MSD 6, 7 and 8-series ignitions and timing accessories
  • Must use with the Power Grid Ignition

The Flying Magnet Crank Trigger is named for the four magnets that are embedded in the aluminum wheel. As the engine is rotating, these magnets move past the stationary non-magnetic pickup, creating the trigger signal for the ignition. This design eliminates false triggering because only the moving magnets can trigger the pickup and ignition control.

MSD Flying Magnet Crank Trigger System

The MSD Flying Magnet Crank Trigger System is the most accurate way possible to trigger the ignition. This is due to the fact that the trigger signal is coming directly from the source of piston position in the cylinder; the crankshaft. Distributors are accurate, but the piston position is derived through the timing chain, the camshaft, cam gear and finally to the distributor shaft. There are no mechanical variables in piston position when using a crank trigger system.


Strong rare earth magnets used in the trigger wheel are riveted in place.


Everything You Need To Know About MSD Crank Trigger Systems - 02/05/2021

As the output level of performance and racing engines increases, so does the importance of precision measurements, component strength and accuracy. Horsepower advantages come through a collection of the small efficiencies of an engine build. One area of importance, especially with high compression, boost and rpm, is a precise ignition trigger signal. - Read More

Secrets To Succsessfully Using An MSD Magnetic And Non-Magnetic picup - 01/01/2013

Every ignition system requires a trigger signal to accurately fire and deliver a high voltage spark from the coil. There are several ways this is achieved, from mechanical breaker points to magnetic pickups, optical triggers and other electronic switches which all serve the same function; to accurately trigger the ignition at the correct moment for the ideal spark timing.

MSD incorporates a magnetic pickup in our distributors because of their reliability and accuracy. - Read More

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