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Sniper EFI Selection Guide

When selecting the correct Sniper EFI system for your engine, there are only three questions you must answer:

  1. Which carburetor mounting flange does your intake manifold have?
  2. Are you using a supercharger or turbocharger?
  3. How much horsepower will your engine make?

Carburetor Mounting Flange

First, we'll verify which flange you'll need. For some applications, this will be the only question you'll need to answer. There are Sniper EFI systems compatible with the following eight flange types:

Below, you'll find diagrams that you can verify your flange with. Once you have determined which flange you have, click the corresponding link for the next step of the Sniper EFI selector.


It´s no surprise that the most widely used intake flange has the widest range of options. From stock to up to 1375 horsepower, Sniper EFI can bring the reability of EFI to your hot rod.

From mild-to-wild, our Sniper EFI 2300 offerings can handle as much horsepowers as you can cram through a 2-barrel intake manifold. If you´re ready for a 21st century 2300 replacement, you´re in the right spot.

Whether you want to replicate that Quadrajet™ roar with modern technonogy or take advantage of the dual-pattern base of our 4150-based Sniper systems for big power, what you need is at this link!

The Dominator flange is the epitome of "Go big, or go home", so we went big with a Stealth Sniper system that will let people know you mean buisness when they see your engine bay while backing that bark up with plenty of bite.

If your hot rod came equipped with a 2GC Small Bore carbureator, our 2GC Sniper is a direct bolt-on for your application. Hit the link to learn more! 

The OEM large bore 2GC carbureator is fairly limited, but our compatible Sniper EFI system will unlock your hot rod´s true potential!

I you have 1971-1986 Jeep CJ, our BBD Sniper EFI is a direct bolt-on for your application. Hit the link to learn more!

If you´re struggeling to tune or repair your old Autolite 1100 carburetor, our Sniper EFI 1100 is a direct bolt-on that will have your classic Ford running like new in no time!

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