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Holley's HP EFI is one of the most capable standalone ECUs available today. Every parameter of your engine's tune can be modified via Holley's easy-to-use EFI software. The lb/hr fueling strategy is an industry first, making changes on the fly that much easier. Those features are just the beginning of the HP ECUs capabilities though; Controlling your turbocharged or nitrous-fed setup has never been easier!

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  • Full featured systems with full laptop control plus self-tuning!
  • Easy to use Intuitive software!
  • Control power adders and other functions!
  • 4bbl TBI, Multiport, Stealth Ram systems, GM LS direct replacement & Universal systems


Jämförelsetabell EFI-system (öppnas i nytt fönster)

Holley EFI V6 Software Overview - PDF (öppnas i nytt fönster)

HP and Dominator Component Selection Guide - PDF (öppnas i nytt fönster)


Adding Additional Inputs And Outputs Is Easy With Holley EFI's CAN Input/Output Module - 03/07/2023

Adding Additional Inputs And Outputs Is Easy With Holley EFI's CAN Module Kit - www.holleyefi.se

For high performance machines in the 21st Century, it’s all about control. Horsepower has never been easier to make, but to apply that new-found power means exerting intelligent control over how that power is applied. Electronics have become the easiest way to capture the data, create, and maintain that control. - Read More

Holley EFI: Version 6 Software Now Available! - 09/29/2020

Version 6 of Holley EFI's popular tuning suite has officially been released and with this revision comes a slew of race-focused updates. With a completely new Individual Configuration File (ICF) for drag racing transmission control, as well as a revised nitrous ICF, this update promises to be the best software yet! Oh, and did we mention it's FREE?! - Read More

Deep Dive: A Look At The Latest Upgrades In Holley EFI V6 Software - 11/05/2020

Computer software is a lot like Midwest weather. If you’re not satisfied with it at this moment, just wait and it will change. The same could be said for Holley’s latest Version 6 (V6) software for the Dominator and HP computers. While Version 5 offers immense power and control and its popularity is growing – drag racers needed a leg up on the ultra-quick cars that are now becoming increasingly popular. - Read More

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Holley - EFI Tech: Main Harness Overview

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Upgrade the Capability of Your Holley ECU with the New CAN Input/Output Module

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