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Adding Additional Inputs And Outputs Is Easy With Holley EFI's CAN Input/Output Module - 03/07/2023

Adding Additional Inputs And Outputs Is Easy With Holley EFI's CAN Module Kit -

For high performance machines in the 21st Century, it’s all about control. Horsepower has never been easier to make, but to apply that new-found power means exerting intelligent control over how that power is applied. Electronics have become the easiest way to capture the data, create, and maintain that control. - Read More

The Science Behind Why Water-Methanol Injection Works So Well - 13/10/2021

“Water injection doesn’t work. That’s like pouring water on a fire. Why would I want to do that?”

That’s a typical reaction to the concept of water or water/methanol injection. While that quote might seem like a logical statement, there are several underlying concepts that if traced through their proven physical properties will help to explain why water/methanol injection is actually a very good idea for supercharged or turbocharged engines. It can even be employed for aggressive normally aspirated engines with high static compression ratios. - Read More

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Upgrade the Capability of Your Holley ECU with the New CAN Input/Output Module

Holley EFI’s CAN Input/Output Module Allows You To Expand Your Current ECU’s Capabilities

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Holley Water Methanol Injection Components

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Holley EFI 2 Axis G-Meter

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