The new Racepak V300SD products include all of the features and benefits of their successors, but now also include built-in math channels. Additionally, the expanding product lineup will now include both serialized and generic loggers. The generic version is perfect for customers that only have one vehicle, whereas the serialized units are excellent for multi-car teams that need to keep track of several different log files throughout the course of an event.

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Racepak V300SD Data Loggers

  • With sampling rates of up to 1000 frames per second, the V300SD series of data recorders allow you to monitor up to 83 channels of sensor information.
  • Unlocked math channels for the following calculations: Clutch % Slip, Trans Ratio, Shock Velocity, Average AFR (Air/Fuel Ratio), Average EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature), G-Meter MPH – and many More.
  • The included SD memory card allows you to transfer your vital sensor information to your laptop quickly, getting you back in the lanes without fumbling with cables.
  • The 83 total channels break down as follows: 72 V-Net; 4 Hard-wired Analog; 4 Hard-wired Digital; and 3 Internal Sensors (Battery Voltage, Accel/Decel G-Meter, and Lateral G-Meter)
  • The V300SD is the go to Data Recorder for NHRA: Pro Mod, Pro Stock, Top Dragster, Top Sportsman, Comp Eliminator, and Super Comp. They can also be found on many Land Speed Cars, Motorcycles, and Drag Boats.

The Go-To Data Recorder for NHRA Pro-Mod!

Improve Your Racing Program with Racepak’s New, V300SD and V500SD Data Recorders

Racepak V300SD/V500SD RPM Harness

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