Hyper Spark Distributors are the perfect distributor for use with EFI systems when controlling timing from the EFI controller. They feature a highly accurate Hall Effect crank trigger sensor for a noise free RPM signal to the EFI. Hyper Spark distributors also come with a patented clear installation cap to make installation and phasing a breeze. Easiest plug and play way to add timing control to your EFI.

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  • Designed to be plug and play with Sniper EFI Systems
  • Hall Effect crank trigger sensor in a billet distributor housing provides a noise free RPM signal to the Sniper ECU
  • Patented Clear Installation Cap makes phasing the distributor virtually fool proof
  • Pre-Terminated Ignition coil connector removes any doubt of loose connections at the Ignition Coil
  • HyperSpark CD Ignition box is sealed and powder coated to be installed in the harshest of locations
  • External LED on HyperSpark CD Ignition box helps verify 12v, cranking RPM, and low battery voltage
  • The HyperSpark ignition coil comes with an integrated mounting bracket, making installation hassle free
  • Perfect for anyone wanting to add timing control to their Sniper EFI Installation
  • Timing Control Improves Idle stability, throttle response, fuel economy and Wide Open Throttle Horsepower!

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Holley Sniper EFI HyperSpark Ignition System

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Sniper EFI Hyperspark Install

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How to install the easy to use Sniper EFI Hyper Spark Ignition System

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