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It doesn't matter what type of engine or transmission you have – between Lakewood and Quick Time Bellhousings we can offer a solution for your application!


How To Align Your Bellhousing For Maximun Trasmission And Clutch Life - 03/25/2021

On any quiet evening you might hear it. That distinctive pull in Third gear as the engine accelerates and the listener waits for that lift of the throttle and a quick, clean manual trans gear change into Fourth. But instead, you hear that instant rpm gain that telegraphs to all within earshot that the driver missed the shift and the engine revs to the moon or bangs up against the rev limiter.

Universal blame is usually reserved for the driver’s lack of hand-foot coordination. But often we can trace these missed shifts to a more mechanical source. Blame then usually shifts to the bellhousing but good blueprinting technique will point out that it’s ultimately more an issue of misalignment that can come from a combination of problems, something the engineers call tolerance stack-up. - Read More

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Lakewood Bellhousings for Your Gen III Hemi: The Ultimate Guide

How to Index Your Bellhousing

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Lakewood Bellhousings

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Lakewood SFI Bellhousings

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