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Our line of In-Cabin tuners put increased horsepower and torque right at your fingertips! Whether you're looking for a simple tow tune, or on-the-fly adjustability from mild to wild, we have a the diesel or gas tuning solution for you! Looking for the next evolution of the flagship CTS2? The CTS3 is here!


Hidden Power: EDGE Products Pulsar Makes L5P Duramax Even Better - 12/21/2020

It used to be that turning a diesel required a go-between. You had to know someone who wasn’t just “good with computers,” but also knew the engine’s inner workings. They had to have a good grasp on how boost, fuel flow, exhaust temperature, and more play a part in engine performance. Thankfully, companies like Edge Products stepped in, bringing to bear their expertise and research and providing all-in-one products that relied on proven results instead of gut hunches. - Read More

EDGE Juice With Attitude Adds 133 HP To A VP44 Cummins - 04/09/2020

Recently I bought a pristine '99 Dodge with a VP44-pump 5.9L Cummins and only 188,000 miles on the clock, but like most vehicles I own, stock just wasn't good enough. Rated at only 215 hp from the factory, these older Cummins powered rigs kill it on fuel economy, but are definitely underpowered. Fortunately, Edge had the medicine for my Dodge, in the form of an Edge Juice with Attitude programmer and Insight CTS2 Monitor for '98.5 to '02 Dodges. - Read More

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Pulsar V3 2020+ L5P Duramax Installation

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Add 150HP and 300 lb-ft of Torque to your Duramax with the Evolution CTS3 Tuner and Stage Kits!

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Add Almost 500 lb-ft of Torque to Your 2003 - 2012 Cummins-Powered Dodge Ram - Evolution CTS3 Tuner!

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