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B&M SuperCoolers are 100% aluminum stacked plate style core which is ideal for additional transmission cooling. With oven brazed construction this sturdy cooler design is practically impervious to flying rocks or other debris.

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- B&M Cooling Systems for Automatic Transmissions

Power generates heat. This fundamental truth is important to keep in mind when increasing the capabilities of your vehicle. Proper oil temperature is the key to both reliability and performance in several key automotive systems, whether it’s the engine, transmission, differential, or even power steering. To prevent contamination left from worn parts from being circulated in your new components and causing premature wear, we strongly recommend protecting your investment by adding a new SuperCooler transmission cooler with all new transmission installations.

With a B&M SuperCooler properly set up in your vehicle, you have 60 years of automotive engineering and knowledge looking after whatever component it’s attached to. These coolers will serve as protection against failure, whether you’re simply traveling to your next destination or racing to the finish line. Here are some of the highlights of B&M coolers:

Being an excellent conductor, aluminum naturally fills the role of a heat exchanger extremely well. Through the exclusive use of aluminum in all B&M cooler products, the size of the cooling systems can be kept at a minimum, thus reducing weight while retaining high strength and durability.

Most B&M cooling systems are of the compact and highly durable stacked plate design. A stacked plate design offers an extremely rigid structure to prevent vibration induced cracks in even the most demanding racing applications. The internal geometry of the plates has been arranged to maximize cooling surface area while offering minimum resistance to fluid flow – a true recipe for ultimate efficiency. The inherent resilience of these coolers makes them ideal for external installations where the cooler may be exposed to the elements, such as dirt, rocks, or debris that could strike the cooler at speed. The compact nature of the design also allows for installation in small and less accessible areas of the vehicle.

Fin and plate cooler design draws from the durability of the stacked plate cooler and combines it with the heat exchanging efficiency of a fin and tube design. This combination yields the ultimate in cooling efficiency and reliability. Fin and plate coolers can typically offer a 25%-30% improvement in cooling capacity over similarly sized fin and tube coolers, and are incredibly tough. B&M’s “Hi-Tek” line of coolers offers this technology.

All B&M cooling systems are pressure tested up to 200 PSI to ensure high quality for real world applications. The ability of the entire line up of B&M’s coolers to withstand these rigorous tests comes from their oven-brazed construction. A SuperCooler does not leave the factory unless it meets some of the highest standards in the industry.

B&M SuperCoolers have mounting brackets built in to the external structure of the assembly, allowing for ease of installation and versatile mounting options. While other coolers may require you to build a convoluted bracket to fit, the built in mounting points of B&M’s coolers integrate the strength of the entire assembly into the mounts, saving you time and making easy work of installation.

Engine Oil & Automatic Transmission Coolers

The newest of the B&M high performance heat exchangers, the cooling system is the top of the line. With the addition of a high output, automatically actuated electric fan, these coolers can be placed in tighter spaces where less natural air flow is available. The fin and plate cores on these coolers are the strongest and most efficient of B&M’s line up. With the thermal switch keeping an eye on your fluid temperature and kicking the fan on whenever it reaches 175° F or higher, you can focus on the most important task – driving with confidence.

These coolers are suitable for automatic transmission fluid, engine oil, differential fluid, and power steering fluid. Like B&M’s Race and Universal SuperCoolers, Hi-Tek coolers have seen duty in RV’s and tow vehicles, circle track racing, road racing, off-road, even monster trucks and rock crawling. High capacity cooling in a compact package that’s a snap to mount in confined spaces: This is B&M’s cooler.

  • Ideal for the toughest cooling applications
  • Fin and plate construction
  • Includes 12 volt, high output fan
  • Included thermal switch activates fan at 175 degree F
  • Pressure tested to 200 PSI
  • 1/2” NPT fittings – easily adapted to an fittings
  • 30% more cooling than a traditional tube and fin design
  • 15x less flow restriction than a tube and fin design

Tech Tip: B&M Hi-Tek SuperCoolers

Motorhead Garage Installs a B&M Transmission Cooler

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