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  • Touch screens that allow you to monitor and control your Holley EFI!
  • Full color graphics for easy viewing!


Holley's Pro Dash Offers Endless Customization Options - 03/09/2022

Holley's Pro Dash Offers Endless Customization Options -

A common issue when updating a relatively recent vehicle to an up-to-date EFI system like Holley’s is what to do about the instrument panel. Carb-to-EFI conversions are almost easy in this respect by comparison; all the factory gauges were mechanical or analog-signal electronic, and will happily keep working while the new computer does its thing behind the scenes. But as automakers began to adopt fuel injection and digital engine control .../ - Read More

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Upgrade Your Sniper EFI System with a 5in Digital Dash

Holley EFI Digital Dash

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Holley EFI LED Light Bar                                                              

DIY Hatervision for my bodydropped 1967 Chevy C10: Finnegan's Garage Ep.124

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How To Design a Custom Dash Layout for Your Project Car with Photoshop

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