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MSD was the first company to develop and offer the multiple sparking, capacitive discharge ignition for engines. The line of MSD 6-Series Ignitions are the most popular aftermarket ignitions in the world due to our race-proven performance on the track and our reliability on the street!


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MSD Troubleshooting Techniques - 10/02/2015

Wiring Diagrams and Tech Notes - PDF
(last updated 01/01/2014)
Provides over 150 pages of diagrams and details on MSD's ignition line

Top Ten Ignition Questions - PDF

MSD Spark Plug Dimensions - PDF

Spark Plug Cross Reference Guide - PDF
MSD Cross Reference with NGK® Stock Number to Plug Type

Spark Plug Torque Specs - PDF
Recommended Spark Plug Torque Specifications

Spark Plug Failure Guide - PDF
Quick Reference Plug Failure Guide

Spark Plug Terminal and Boot Attachment - PDF
(last updated 01/12/2011)
Simple steps to follow while installing spark plug wires - Prevent Breakdowns

MSD Spark Plug Application Guide - PDF
(last updated 01/01/2014)


Everything You Need To Know About MSD Crank Trigger Systems - 02/05/2021

As the output level of performance and racing engines increases, so does the importance of precision measurements, component strength and accuracy. Horsepower advantages come through a collection of the small efficiencies of an engine build. One area of importance, especially with high compression, boost and rpm, is a precise ignition trigger signal. - Read More

MSD's New & Improved Atomic 2 EFI System Offers EFI Drivability With Simple Installation - 03/24/2021

The Atomic 2.0 EFI bolts right into place of a traditional 4-barrel 4150-style carburetor and uses the same style cable linkage, so existing throttle cables should link right up to ensure an easy installation. Let’s dive into the details of what makes it unique among aftermarket throttle-body style fuel injection systems and how the Atomic 2.0 is different from the original Atomic EFI system. - Read More

How Does A Dual Sync Distributor Work And When Do You Need One? - 04/19/2021

Conventional distributors use centrifugal weights and springs to affect the engine timing. Essentially the faster the distributor spins, the more the weights move away from the center of the distributor, and that alters the engine timing in turn.

Although that design worked well enough for decades of automotive applications, it’s not exactly cutting edge tech by today’s standards, and it isn’t particularly user-friendly when it comes to tuning. - Read More

Go In-Depth Inside MSD's High-Tech Power Grid Ignition System - 04/01/2021

The Power Grid is an extremely flexible ignition controller allowing for the addition of a wide range of timing controls and data logging. What this means is, the racer now has an easy means to tune the ignition without being bound by the various add on control parameters. - Read More

How To Select An MSD Capacitive Discharge Ignition System - 12/01/2020

Spark ignition...every gasoline or alcohol motor engine needs one and performance engines demand a strong ignition to unlock all that power hiding in your engine. Before we get into the details of choosing among the several different MSD capacitive discharge ignition (CDI) boxes, it might be worthwhile to understand the difference between a CD and a traditional inductive ignition. - Read More

How To Make Custom Spark Plug Wires - 09/15/2020

Whether you need an OE replacement set or something purpose-built for extreme performance, there’s no shortage of pre-made spark plug wire kits available today. But if your project involves a healthy dose of customization – whether that’s a power plant living in an engine bay it was never designed for, or significant modification to the engine itself – you may find yourself in a situation where a custom-made wire set is best option for your application. - Read More

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Installing MSD Ignition's Flying Magnet Crank Trigger

Convert Your Carb to EFI with MSD’s New and Improved Atomic 2.0 Fuel Injection

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How To Choose a Street Ignition                                           

MSD Power Grid Power Module

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How To Set Timing Ignition Timing With A Distributor

How Ignition Timing Works: Vacuum and Mechanical Advance Explained!

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