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The Hurst Pro-Matic 2 ratchet-action shifter, with it’s chrome-plated stick and black knob, is quality engineered for years of precise, trouble-free operation. Once the shifter is installed, the brilliant top cover and textured console, which can be trimmed to fit any floor contour, integrates the shifter into the interior. While easy on the eyes, this shifter is not all about looks. On the street, you will enjoy the ride as you freely tap the stick from gear to gear.

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  • Progressively-Illuminated Gear Position Indicator
  • Cable-Operated to Provide Your Choice of Mounting Locations
  • Full-Forward and Reverse Ratchet Action
  • Compatible with Standard or Reverse Pattern Valve Bodies
GM TH 250, 350, 375, 400 3838500 3838510
Ford C-4, C-6 AND AOD 3838500* 3838510*
Mopar TORQUEFLITE TF727-A904 3838500 3838510
AMC TORQUE COMMAND TF727-A904 3838500 3838510

* Will fit AOD with B&M #40496 lever and bracket kit.

How to Shift a Hurst Pro-Matic Shifter

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