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Holley EFI Analog Style gauges are designed specifically for use with Holley EFI systems. They are compatible with all Terminator, HP, and Dominator ECU’s, allowing them to be installed in a variety of Holley EFI equipped vehicles. CAN-bus communication allows the gauges to daisy chain using the included cables, making installation quick and clean.


Holley’s New Floatless "Easy Level" Sending Unit Is Changing The Game - 03/29/2023

Holley’s New Floatless "Easy Level" Sending Unit Is Changing The Game - www.holleyefi.se

Thanks to the steady march of progress, automotive technology has advanced in countless ways over recent decades. It’s rare that an innovation completely upends the established engineering solutions / ... / but every once in a while, something appears that simply rewrites the script. And in the realm of fuel level sending units, that ‘something’ is the new Easy Level. “There’s never been a LiDAR fuel level sending unit in the automotive aftermarket before,” says John McLeod of Classic Instruments. “This is the first of its kind.” - Read More

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Holley EFI Analog Style Gauges

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Replace Your Existing Fuel Sender with Holley's Revolutionary Easy Level Fuel Sender

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How-To: Install Holley’s Easy Level Fuel Sender

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