Street 650

Hays Street 650 single disc kits are designed handle highly modified naturally aspirated engines up to 650 horsepower. Designed as a true street/strip clutch for spirited high performance driving or frequent track use.

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  • Designed for power levels up to 650 naturally aspirated horsepower (600 HP for forced induction/nitrous)
  • True “Street/Strip” clutch kit for spirited street driving and frequent track use
  • Pressure plate offers 30% more clamping force than stock
  • Sintered metallic disc friction surface used for smoother engagement during vehicle launch
  • Upgraded 8-spring hub with polyurethane encapsulated damper springs handles 3 times the shock load over standard disc springs
  • All Street 650 clutch kits come complete with pressure plate, disc, throwout bearing, and alignment tool
  • Available for GM, Ford, AMC, Jeep and Chrysler

Rated for engines up to 650 horsepower - Perfect for mild to highly modified engines! 


How To Choose The Right Hays Clutch For Your Car Or Truck - 12/08/2020

For gasoline vehicles, Hays offers three types of clutch kits: Hays Classic, Hays Street 450, and Hays Street 650. The choice depends upon how you use your vehicle. To meet the demands of today's diesel truck enthusiasts, Hays offers their Diesel 650 and Diesel 850 clutch kits. - Read More

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Hays 650 Street Clutches

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