Ultra 6AL - Black

MSD - Ultra 6AL Ignition Control - Compact design - Black

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The new Ultra 6AL series delivers full MSD power in a compact, lighter package!

The Ultra 6AL Series continues to use a high speed controller that can make extremely quick compensations to the output voltage, multiple spark series, timing and rpm limits while maintaining precise timing and accurate rev limiting. The circuits and controller of the MSD have been thoroughly filtered to create protection against Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI).

The Ultra 6AL Series feature a capacitive discharge ignition design. The majority of stock ignition systems are inductive ignitions. In an inductive ignition, the coil must store and step up the voltage to maximum strength in between each firing. At higher rpm, since there is less time to charge the coil to full capacity, the voltage falls short of reaching maximum energy which results in a loss of power or top end miss.


  • High conversion efficiency ensures minimal heat generation and maximum spark energy output with less current draw from the battery - (Highly efficient Ignition, minimum heat and max spark energy with less current draw)
  • High RPM operation and maximum output using the Blaster HVC, PN 8252 or HVC II, PN 8253
  • Powerful capacitive discharge of multiple sparks improves performance
  • Consistently high spark energy of 135mJ to 150mJ for every firing, from idle to redline RPM
  • Increase spark series duration lasts for 18 of crankshaft rotation
  • Easily installs on 4, 6, 8-cylinder engines with distributors
  • Operates on most 7 to 28 volt electrical systems
  • Connects to points, magnetic pickups, and Hall/Crank Input distributors
  • Bluetooth connectivity to Mobile app interface for settings and monitors
  • MSD CAN communication for easy connectivity to MSDView using a CAN MSD Hub and Power Grid USB or CAN-USB Bridge 89982 product
  • Fully protected against an open coil, shorted coil & open load
  • Compact design full MSD power
  • Quickens throttle response & improves starting
  • Tach Output
  • Launch, Burnout, and Step Retard activation inputs available. This ignition box has a built-in tri step RPM rev limit controlled by the mobile app
  • Mobile app available settings: Cylinder selection, Step retard value, Launch RPM value, Burnout RPM value, Max (Race) RPM Value, Start retard value
  • Programmable Step Retard: On Ramp time, Off Delay, Off Ramp Time, Engine RPM for activation
  • Programmable Start Retard: 0, 10, 20 degrees
  • Alerts and monitors available
  • High level of security connection from phone to Ignition box (encryption) including sequence in push button implementation
  • Maximum programmable retard of 30 degrees

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