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The new Sniper 340 LPH E85 fuel pump is a high output, in tank electric fuel pump that fits the most popular EFI applications. The pump can be regulated to support carbureted systems as well. All four models of the pump are compatible with gasoline or E85 and are designed for applications requiring more fuel flow while utilizing the factory O.E. lines and mounting brackets. The 340 LPH fuel pump can also be used as a universal replacement or upgrade for aftermarket applications that require more fuel flow to support additional horsepower while using power adders such as Nitrous, Turbo and Superchargers. Comes complete with installation hardware kit. (Filter, Wiring Pigtail, Rubber Hose, (2) Clamps, Rubber Grommet) Supports up to 700 EFI or 900 Carb HP (@ 60 PSI at 13.5 Volts / 16.9 AMP Draw) Of course there are many variables, estimates are based on gasoline. Individual systems will vary based on fuel system design, regulator type, fuel cell location, etc... Applications: General Motors Grand National / Regal 1982-1987 Camaro 5.0L & 5.7L 1985-1992 Corvette 5.0L & 5.7L 1982-1996 GM Cars & Trucks 1985-1992 305 (5.0L) & 350 (5.7L) 87-97 S10, S15, Sonoma, Blazer, Envoy 82-95 Firebird 5.0L & 5.7L 1985-1992 Fiero 2.8L 1985-1986 Cyclone 1991-1992 Typhoon 1992-1993 Saturn SC,SL,SW 1997-2002

  • 340 LPH E85 Compatible
  • Designed for in-tank use only
  • Compact enough to fit in existing hanger assemblies without modification
  • Complete kit with all drop parts, accessories and installation instructions
  • Inlet filter meets or exceeds original equipment specifications and provides improved filtration/durability
  • Can be used with carbureted or EFI applications
  • Perfect upgrade for aftermarket pumps like our Retrofit EFI Modules when more fuel is needed with turbos or nitrous