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These Remote Mounted Twin Turbo Systems include higher rate fuel injectors, and are available with an STS Turbo specific DiabloSport inTune i3 handheld or without handheld.

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  • Patented remote-mount design offers a true bolt-on, twin turbo solution producing increased horsepower and torque across a very broad power curve
  • Horsepower and torque increases of up to 50% over stock depending on chosen boost level, one of the highest power gains per pound of boost in the industry
  • Remote-mount design eliminates increased under hood temps by having the turbos in back while also decluttering the engine bay so normal repairs and upgrades can be done without removing turbochargers and tubing
  • Provides a unique performance sound since the turbo acts as a muffler while turbo spool and rushing air from the blow-off valve make a distinctive sound that’s sure to turn heads! No need for expensive headers, mufflers, or exhaust systems
  • No need for major vehicle modifications needed as each system is designed to attach to factory mounts
  • Mounted in place of the stock mufflers, our remote-mount system is custom engineered to spool up as fast as a front-mount turbo system, but eliminate all of the installation and excess heat issues
  • The turbo utilizes wasted energy leaving your tailpipe and many see 1-3 mpg increase in gas mileage compared to their original stock mpg numbers along with lower emissions
  • Systems also include front mounted air-to-air intercooler and 304 stainless steel tubing is used for maximum strength and reduced weight
  • Approximately 500F lower turbo temperatures eliminates the need for a turbo-timer, which allows the engine to run after the car is shut off in order to cool down the turbo and prevent oil and bearing damage
  • Turbo is exposed to ambient air rather than under-hood air which allows for better cooling of turbo components. Denser exhaust gasses drive the turbo turbine wheel more efficiently
  • Offers better weight transfer and increases traction because majority of the system is mounted in rear rather than up front
  • Each system is dyno tested for proven power results
  • System includes everything for a complete installation: turbochargers, wastegate, blow off valve, intercooler, all tubing, hardware, along with detailed instructions

Direct Fit System

Direct Fit Systems Includes All Parts Needed for Installation.

  • Amazing Turbo Sound
  • Patented Remote Mount Technology
  • Connects To Factory Exhaust System
  • Increased Fuel Economy
  • No Increase In Underhood Temperatures
  • Cleaner Emissions & Better MPG
  • More Useable Horsepower Throughout The Curve
  • 304 Stainless Steel Tubing Used Throughout
  • Horsepower & Torque Increases Up To 50% Over Stock
  • Air-To-Air Intercooler Included


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STS Turbo Rear Mounted Turbo Kits

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