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Hilborn Manifold Adjustments - 11/17/2019

Hilborn Manifold Adjustments - www.holleyefi.se

For correct operation of your Hilborn injector the manifold will need to be tuned. This includes linkage and butterfly adjustments. If the injector is removed from the engine after being tuned, the process will need to be repeated. - Read More

Hilborn Mechanical Fuel Injection Overview - 11/18/2018

Hilborn Mechanical Fuel Injection Overview - www.holleyefi.se

A mechanical fuel injection system from Hilborn includes the manifold, nozzles, barrel valve, and hoses. The main jet, housed in the primary bypass valve, is also included along with 2 additional jets, or pills. To complete the system, you will need ram tubes, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel shutoff valve and, possibly, a hi-speed bypass valve. If Hilborn cannot supply a fuel pump drive, you will need to fashion a drive for the pump to run at 1/2 crankshaft speed. - Read More

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The Stacks are Back with Hilborn’s EFI-R Individual Runner Manifolds for Big-Block Chevy Engines

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Hilborn Manifold Adjustments

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