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Hays Street 650 single disc kits are designed handle highly modified naturally aspirated engines up to 650 horsepower. Designed as a true street/strip clutch for spirited high performance driving or frequent track use.

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  • Designed for power levels up to 650 naturally aspirated horsepower (600 HP for forced induction/nitrous)
  • True “Street/Strip” clutch kit for spirited street driving and frequent track use
  • Pressure plate offers 30% more clamping force than stock
  • Sintered metallic disc friction surface used for smoother engagement during vehicle launch
  • Upgraded 8-spring hub with polyurethane encapsulated damper springs handles 3 times the shock load over standard disc springs
  • All Street 650 clutch kits come complete with pressure plate, disc, throwout bearing, and alignment tool
  • Available for GM, Ford, AMC, Jeep and Chrysler

Rated for engines up to 650 horsepower - Perfect for mild to highly modified engines! 

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Hays 650 Street Clutches

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