Cylinders Up to 6 Up to 8
Injectors, Low Impedance (Sequential) Up to 6 N/A
Injectors High Impedance (Sequential) Up to 6 Up to 8
Coils-0-5V Falling Edge 6 8
Connector Pins 80 80
Drive-by-Wire 1 1
H-Bridge Channels 1 1
CAN Channels 2 2
2-Stroke Engines Yes Yes
RS232 Channels* 1 1
4-Stroke Engines Yes Yes
Knock Control 2-Channel 2-Channel
Analog Voltage Inputs Up to 9 Up to 9
Analog Temp Inputs Up to 3 Up to 3
VR/Mag Inputs Up to 4 Up to 4
Digital Inputs Up to 8 Up to 6
Internal Wideband UEGO Controller 1 1
High Side Outputs 1 1
Low Side Outputs 8 6
4-Wire Stepper Motor Control Yes Yes
Boost Control (RPM, Time, Gear, VSS, Switch Input, Flex Fuel Content Yes Yes
Engine Protection Yes Yes
Variable Cam Control Up to 4 Up to 4
Launch Control Yes Yes
Nitrous Control Single Stage Single Stage
Data Logging Up to 64 GB Up to 64 GB
Traction Control Up to 2-Wheel Speed Up to 2-Wheel Speed
Weather Resistance Yes, sealed enclosure with IP67 Connectors Yes, sealed enclosure with IP67 Connectors
Enclosure Dims 5.855"X5.55"X1.8" 5.855"X5.55"X1.8"
Weight 18.8OZ/476.27G 18.8OZ/476.27G
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